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PolySpeed optimizing Autodesk 3ds Max


: What version of 3ds Max does PolySpeed run on?
A: PolySpeed runs on 3ds Max 7 and 3ds Max8. It will also run on 3ds Max9 after it's released. It will not run on 3ds Max6 or older.

Q: When will PolySpeed be released?
A: Estimation release date is fall 2006.

Q: 3ds Max9 will be faster. Why do I need PolySpeed?
A. Only some areas of 3ds Max has been optimized. The Editable_Poly is quite a bit faster, turbosmooth and most other modifiers are not faster however. And even better the speed improvements for Editable_Poly stack with the speed from PolySpeed so it just means that PolySpeed will be even more faster.

Q: Will PolySpeed take advantage of the 64bit of 3ds Max9?
A: With 64bit and much more memory we can begin modeling REALLY big objects in PolySpeed. New features will be introduced that makes it far faster to work on very big objects.

Q: Why do I need PolySpeed when I have ZBrush?
A: ZBrush is very good for painting details, but it's not good for more technical modeling such as guns, armor, some clothing and mechanical details. The power of PolySpeed is that you get full access to all the modeling tools that you are used to having in 3ds Max, but with super speed. You also get a big array of tools to use. PolySpeed also makes it possible to modify your complex Zbrush geometry inside 3ds Max (for things that 3ds Max is better with).

Q: How much faster is modeling with PolySpeed?
A: Normal speedup is about 20-200 times. In normal modeling it's often 50 times faster.

Q: Does PolySpeed only make things faster, or does it do anything else?
A: PolySpeed adds a large array of modeling and selection tools. Check out the Features section

Q: Is PolySpeed only useful for character modeling?
A:No myself I mostly use it for mechanical modeling or organical modeling such as trees or flowers.

Q:How big objects can PolySpeed handle?
A:The limit is really the memory limits of 3ds Max. 3ds Max 8 can only handle about 1.5-2.5 million polygon objects before crashing. PolySpeed can handle about 1.500.000 polys for editable_polys and 2.500.000 for turboSmooth.
When you work in the detail area you will work completely smoothly, but on these very large objects it will take some time to create the detail area.

Q. I noticed PolySpeed work with the base editable_poly all the time, Does PolySpeed work with the Edit_poly modifier?
A: The edit_poly modifier is not supported at this time. It's very slow to begin with, and is very complex to work with.

Q: What will Polyspeed cost?
A:Pricing will soon be announced.

Q: Does Polyspeed use the meshsmooth modifier?
A: It uses turbosmooth since it's much faster.

Q: What do you mean when you say the workflow is faster?
A: There are many small things in Polyspeed that will automatically change settings depending on what you want to do. For example if you go in vertex mode with meshsmooth applied the detail area is slightly transparent and the control cage is turned on, it's nearly impossible to model with vertices without the control cage since the isolines are not visible in max, on the other hand the object will hide the control cage, this is why the detail area is transparent. Another things that are useful is that you can just click on any object and go into detail mode, Polyspeed will instantly convert it to an editable poly and enter the subobject level that you prefer (for me this is face mode). (before you would have to right click, convert to editable_poly, go to modify panel and press it, then go down and press face mode, now it's just one click). Another speedup is that the meshsmooth iterations are automatically set depending on how fast your computer is, meaning modeling will always be smooth no matter what.

Q: Will you add features after the 1.0 release?
A: Yes. There will be real new features. Especially for the Extensions. Bug fixes and features should come about 1-2 times a month.

Q: What is Polyspeed programmed with?
A: Polyspeed uses both maxScript and the 3dsmax SDK C++. Most of the code is maxScript, but C++ are used for special time critical operations and to extend maxScript. MaxScript is a far more powerful programming language than most users know, and is fully capable to write big programs. In fact several sections of 3dsmax are done completely in maxScript.

Q: Can you make Polyspeed work as a modifier so I can have it on the stack?
A: This is not a very good idea. The main reason is that you wouldn't be able to see the tools in the modifier stack at the same time. This would also make PolySpeed work in a completely different way.